Intelitarget Leads

Ultra Qualified Digital Real Estate Leads

We extract the people that are looking to buy or sell a home, compile it into a list, and use it on Social Media Platforms, to drive leads and sales.

With our data, you now only need to invest your ad budget on the top 3% of prospects in your area of operation.

Think of it as targeting the needles of the haystack, vs the entire haystack itself.

Get the same technology that...
• Helps Real Estate Agents dominate their market - getting 10x ROI
• Walmart uses to cut 40% of their ad costs for eyecare
• Has helped sell over 400,000 cars in the last 5 years
• Has our broker clients so busy they are expanding to new markets

How We Do It?

Our software tracks 200 million people and accumulates 25 billion pieces of behavioral data every day. We then apply machine learning to create conversion profiles for any market, any service, B2B or B2C.

From these conversion profiles, our algorithms reconstruct PATHS to purchase — what did buyers do in the days, weeks or months leading up to the purchase. Our AI then sorts through and looks for those patterns being repeated across the billions of behavioral data points we collect every day.

As your campaigns run using our data, our machine learning algorithm self-adjusts in real-time for every individual client to auto-optimize its targeting and conversion profiles, resulting in a prediction engine that improves and becomes more accurate over time.

If you want to see if you're a good fit, ask yourself if you are similar to the 3 characteristics of our best clients...

1. You already spend money on advertising and want documented, trackable, data-driven return on investment

2. Your company has a sales team with WINNER ATTITUDES - following up with leads in less than 10 minutes

3. You have a coachable mindset with Real Estate Market Domination Goals!

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